Thinking of a Virtual Workshop?

Virtual Coaching Shoot - 1The global and modern economy demands agility and an ability to draw employees together in high functioning teams even across borders near and far.

This reality has led to technological advances and new and innovative ways of communicating.

At CMOE, we work with with many L&D leaders who face challenges in reaching their global workforce to deliver their training messages.

As they look through the various options, virtual delivery is often considered as they weigh the advantages and disadvantages which include:


  • Technology – as great as technology is, it also has some inherent problems including how you handle technical support especially to those workers who may be in remote areas.
  • Culture – some business cultures support virtual work options, while others see it as a less viable option.
  • People – keeping participants engaged and ensure knowledge and skill transfer.


  • Cost – with the rising cost of travel, virtual delivery can provide a substantial cost savings that can be reallocated to other areas of a training budget.
  • Access – reaching all the employees you need to and providing an opportunity for employees to train when it is most convenient for them can really impact participation and optimize your ability to reach your L&D goals.

Virtual Coaching Shoot - 2CMOE realizes virtual delivery may not be for everyone, but for those who feel it works best for their firm, we do provide virtual options with our training.

Recently, we were in the studio recording the latest version of our Coaching TIPS2™ virtual workshop.

We taped with a live audience to create a more engaging feel for our virtual participants.

Contact CMOE today for more information on Coaching TIPS2™ virtual workshop or one of our other programs

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