The Business Case For A Courageous Coaching Conversation

In a survey done a couple years ago with nearly 10,000 employees from 300 different types of organizations across the United States, the research says that 93% of people on a consistent basis have avoided having a courageous conversation with a co-worker around an important challenging issue.

Of these, 89% of people surveyed had avoided having a challenging conversation with their boss on a consistent basis.  Executives are concerned by this number because not having honest feedback from their employees limits their ability to be successful.

However, the number that is most concerning is 81% of people in a leadership or manager role have avoided courageous conversations on an on-going basis with their direct reports.

When you think about leadership, there are really three roles to a good leader.

One, get the work done through others; two, develop your employees by on-going feedback through positive reinforcement and having courageous conversations as needed; and if you are taking care of the first two, three is strategic leadership for your team and your organization.

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