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How is new technology affecting the way we manage others? This is a question that you and other thought leaders in your business need to address now more than ever. Although many people in management positions are averse to change in the workplace, you should consider how you can use new resources to strengthen connections among your team members and hone your leadership skills.

In order to stay ahead of rapid advancements in technology, check out the following emerging tech trends that you can implement into your daily leadership strategies.

Chat Tools for a Unified Team

The cornerstone of any great leader is the ability to communicate effectively. Communication is perhaps the most essential skill needed to become an effective leader. In today’s workplace, great communicators are able to accurately convey their thoughts across any of the modern communications channels that their business may use. Chat platforms are an informal but effective method for asking questions, shouting out accomplishments, or distributing tasks internally. One of the greatest benefits of chat services for leaders is that these tools cut down on the time spent writing bulky emails, which saves you time and promotes personalized, conversational dialogue between you and your team members.

Call-Center Software for Customer Engagement

Especially during periods of significant business growth, leaders may struggle to serve all the demands of their larger customer base without sacrificing the individual care they once had time to provide. If your team is responsible for servicing the needs of your customers, call-center software is one tech trend that can streamline the call process without eliminating a personalized touch. Many call-center software options offer managers the ability to assign certain customers to a specific agent, which can contribute to reduced wait times and foster a better relationship between team members and the customers they represent. Additionally, any analytical tools included can help leaders chart the typical customer interaction, which helps you adjust your communication tactics accordingly.

AI for Smarter Business Decisions 

Communication through technology

As a leader, you’ve likely experienced the pressure of making high-level, company-wide decisions. Alleviate some of the stress that stems from making these decisions by reinforcing your choices with data acquired by artificial intelligence. An article by PwC found that 72% of business executives believe that AI will be a key business advantage for decision-making in the future, which suggests a lasting impact of this technology for leaders. By collecting data and adapting to recognizable patterns, AI helps leaders see every angle of the major decisions you need to make, helping you to ensure that you choose the best solution for your business. And because AI can reduce repetitive tasks (like completing paperwork and scheduling personnel), leaders will have more time in their day to focus on the pressing tasks that only they can do.

Online Classes for Leadership

Because the modern workforce increasingly relies on virtual staff working outside of the office, it’s important that your business accommodates the training needs of your off-site leadership team. Leaders hosted in the office can benefit from direct training through qualified personnel, while taking online leadership classes is an excellent method for delivering training and preparing leaders to be successful in their roles. Hosting online learning events allows you to eliminate the cost of travel, flex to fit each person’s schedule, and offer a permanent resource that team members can refer back to whenever they feel the need. CMOE offers many different types of training programs for individual contributors and leaders at every level and are designed for in-person, virtual, or blended learning environments.

Blockchain for Reinventing the Transactional Wheel

Although this emerging tech first started in the field of digital currency, blockchain boasts a host of features that leaders can utilize in the future. At a foundational level, blockchain transmits information from one place to another with a traceable, unique history attached. Although it’s still in its initial stages for businesses, blockchain has exciting implications for business leaders in a myriad of industries. With audit-trail tracing, lower costs of transactions, and many other opportunities to adapt this technology, blockchain may be a new way for you to quickly deliver secured products to your customers, depending on emerging government regulations and public awareness.

What new technology are you using in as a business leader? How has it affected the way that you lead your teams? Feel free to share your insights below!

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